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telaga waja rafting

BCR Telaga Waja Rafting effective 15 March 2015 will have a long trip 17KM with no step at the end of the trip to reach our NEW restaurant and parking areas. The NEW Restaurant for this long trip is under construction, but now still maintain the 12KM trip with our old restaurant. BCR Telaga Waja Rafting Bali, located on the tranquil landscape garden with fishpool and ricefield surrounding areas. The company set on enclove greenary valleys on the longest river on east Bali starts to runs southward Bali from southern slope of mount Abang. Mount Abang a peak at the south rim of Batur caldera as the remnant of tremendous eruption which was probably happened at the same time as other super volcanic eruptions along volcanic belt of archipelago. BCR Telaga Waja Rafting warm welcome you with our beautiful lobby to enjoy the serenity of Telaga Waja River.

BCR Telaga Waja Rafting sets up at part of the created nature's beauty starts at the slope of Mt. Abang runs through idyllic villages and jungle slopes along the area of Kecamatan Rendang onward to the area of Kabupaten Klungkung ends on the sea. BCR Telaga Rafting is close to the Besakih mother temple of Bali, and Telaga Waja river cuts the foot of the highest mountain on Bali that is Mount Agung on the north side. It is not known why the name is Telaga Waja. Telaga for Balinese is pool, lake or embung, while waja or Baja is metal. It is no reference in Balinese word could lead to any understanding on what is behind the word of metal pool, as the fact a pool or lake has the water staying, but river or tukad in Balinese has running water which is always ending on the sea.
telaga waja rafting
With it's specific current, clean natural spring water, natural views and soft rapids Telaga Waja River now become more and more popular among the white water adventure rafting seekers on Bali to experience the thrill of holidays, which is combination between culture and nature. BCR Telaga Waja Rafting, which was built in 1999 and just been totally renovated with their new face to welcome the guest. BCR Telaga Waja Rafting now become the best of rafting company choice at Telaga Waja River as just completed with all new rafting equiptment such as rubber boat, helm, paddle and lifejacket. The existence of Telaga Waja River has been a blessing to the people of Kabupaten Karangasem, an area on the east part of Bali which was ever flourishing kingdom in 18th century whose emporium up to the island of Lombok and Sumbawa. Since the immemorial time the people of this Kabupaten has no water source for daily life, but since 2008 after Mr. Geredeg sits as head of the Kabupaten a massive project to bring the water of Telaga Waja River to the people of Karangasem has become a reality.

Besides as the source of water for daily life and irrigation, Telaga Waja River as blessing become a popular Telaga Waja white water rafting runner for travelers of all over the world. The presence of rafting organization can also arising the awareness of natural preservation among people and at least keep the eco-system along the river be preserved to maintain the beauty of the nature. It is often found protest shouting from the guests to meet trees have been cut down without further care, or places without plantation. This on road protests will make the people aware of the need of preserving the nature. All preserving the nature you can experience at BCR Telaga Waja Rafting

BCR Telaga Waja Rafting will takes distance 17KM within 2,5-3 hours effectiver March 2015 for the river activities. The best site to take picture at waterfall after an hour trip from our start point. Here at waterfall site, you have to follow our river guide instruction when taking the best picture of your adventure rafting as the stone a bit slipery. Don't play a lot around the waterfall site.


Package Rafting Telaga Waja
US$ 35.00
Rafting + ATV RIDE
US$ 85.00
Rafting + Elephant Ride
US$ 125.00
Turtle island + afternoon Rafting
US$ 100.00
Rafting + Cycling
US$ 75.00
Trekking BATUR + Rafting
US$ 100.00
Rafting + Gallery Trick Art 3D
US$ 65.00

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The price included : Air Conditioned transportation return, Hot Buffet Lunch at our own restaurant surrounded with clove plantation and facing to the river green valeys and rice terraces, All safety international standard rafting equipment, Professional river Guides, International Safety Standard Instruction, Insurance Cover during river activities from the age 07-65 years old (JP INSURANCE), Shower and Change Rooms, Using Towel, Waterproof Bags, Welcome Drink Tea/Coffee/Mineral Water at Start Point, Government tax.

The price excluded : personal expenses, beverage during lunch (bottle mineral water, soft drinks or beer), tipping for river guide and driver, CD photoes or CD Videos.

Restrictions : Doing Rafting Tour at Telaga Waja River is not recommended for pregnant woman or people with recent back or neck injuries, heart problems, epilepsy or asthma.

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Telaga Waja Rafting
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telaga waja rafting

telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting