Detail condition when joining Bukit Cilli Rafting BCR Telaga Waja River
Bukit Cilli Rafting Telaga Waja River

Rafting Conditions

The organization of rafting trip at Telaga Waja River depends on weather conditions, during dry season rafting is guaranted when the current of the river is stable while during wet season it must be extremly careful expecially if there is heavy rain around the peak of Mount Agung and surrounding, the company has the rights to postphone, reschedule or cancel the trip at Telaga Waja River by informing the guest in advance, and full refund can be processed immediately. If the weather is still considered safe for going down to Telaga Waja River even there is a small rain, our guide will always control the water current to avoid unexpected flooding during the rafting trip. Flood can be happenned even when it is no rain around Telaga Waja River areas, as mentioned above that the water flowing down to Telaga Waja River from rain around the highland along the beginning of the river and its tributaries. Our Rafting guide could identify this situation in case this rain happen during the trip and could take right decision to stop the program at Telaga Waja River site and cancell or reschedule the trip.

All guides are learnt on immediate evacuation for example in case the flooding suddently happened during rainy seasons which is started right on the river to the safer places so far prepared to avoid the flood. All staffs are well trained about an emergency assistance or rescue procedure. Join us the trip will be very fun and the most important thing is safely guaranted. All pessanger must aware about the following point :
1. The pessanger declare that They don't have problem with water and any physical condition that it's danger on water. (Semua tamu menyatakan bahwa mereka tidak ada masalah dengan air dan kondisi pisik yang membahaya di air ).
2. Using safety equipment correctly. ( Menggunakan perlengkapan keamanan secara benar ).
3. Always alert during the course of the rafting. ( Selalu berhati hati sepanjang aliran air selama rafting ).
4. Keep the rhythm of pace together. ( Menjaga irama kecepatan bersama-sama ).
5. Forbidden to kidding intentionally which can danger other. ( Dilarang bercanda berlebihan yang membahayakan perserta lain ).
6. Always follow river tour guide instruction during rafting. ( Selalu mengikuti arahan tour guide selama rafting ).

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