Group booking at Bukit Cilli Rafting BCR Telaga Waja River  
Telaga Waja White Water Rafting


Group booking being discussed here is for the members more then 50 persons, as this amount of participant will consume our maximum capacity in serving rafting trip. What would be the best plan to have a program with such a big group, our suggestion for the sake of our smooth operation and your comfort during enjoying the thrill of this soft adventre are as follows:

  • Make a plan that allows the preparation of around 1 month before the rafting date
  • Send the plan to us to get further consideration on various aspect of service following the rafting service
  • Do the most possible consultation to get the best arrangment on time, season, and other arrangments
  • Find out among members who would not be safe to stay or make an activities on the water which is normally one having epilepsy
  • What meal would not be suitable for certain member due to alergy or religious belief

Special time schedule might be needed to organize a group which must be set up before the date of rafting such as pick up time, rafting start and other services. The road from south Bali such as Nusa Dua, Kuta Sanur and Ubud to Telaga Waja river sometimes are also crowded, as this route is used by trucks that transport building materials mined at the slope of mount Agung and brought to Denpasar or other cities on south and west Bali.

It is important also to consider the season, as the best season for enjoying rafting at Telaga Waja is during dry season, or not on rainy season. This is very important because at the start of the river there are many small rivers also flowing and form tributaries with Telaga Waja river.

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telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting