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Telaga Waja White Water Rafting


The program of White Water rafting at Telaga Waja Rendang Karangasem offers 2 choices of trip, the morning trip starts to pick up the guest at 07.30-08.30 and the afternoon trip that starts to pick up the guest at 10.30-11.30 pagi. Morning trip will give a special sight on the way such as the farmers that are working on their land or rice field, while afternoon trip is more quiet, as between 12.00 t 12.30 the farmer will return home already. Ada 2 keberangkatan yaitu :

Morning trip starts around 10.00 Am
Afternoon trip starts around 13.00
Pick up schedule

Guests depart from various places such as Ubud, Candidasa will pass through the idyllic villages directing to the foot of mount Agung on the southern slope very close to Besakih temple the biggest Hindu temple in Bali. Along the road from south Bali to Telaga Waja river one can see the daily life of Balinese from life near the city up to the villages on the highland. While from Candidasa or Padangbai, one can see the salt miners along the beach of east Bali.

Driving from Nusa Dua or South Kuta needs around 2 hours, while from central Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Krobokan areas needs around 1.5 hours to reach Telaga Waja River through the road of Ida Bagus Mantra, then drive up through Klunkung city once the capital of Bali kingdom since 17th until the independence of Indonesia. From Klungkung drive through the road to Besakih temple and arriving at Rendang village you will find a big banyan tree and the road to the right just on the side of the banyan tree, and take this main road to Muncan or Selat, Telaga Waja is only 1 km.

Why Choosing Rafting?
Rafting is an adventure trip with softer grade and what is the first is about its fun like playing with friends and nature we appreciate the greatness of nature and its mystery still convey to us until today. Although it is classified as soft adventure but it can also trigger our adrenalin with its current alternating speed, some with slow, some fast and even rapids. The most important is that all involve in rafting fun then understand the meaning of nature preservation, because the interest of nature is when it can be enjoyed as it is without damage by human or nature itself. Bukit Cilli Rafting company fully aware of the important of preserving the nature and with the existence of this activity on the river the participation in nature preservation is hope to increased year by year. Bali is known for their hospitality and openness to other nations, this can still be found around the rafting route with rubber boat around 2 hours from the start until finish.

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telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting