Payment Methode for Telaga Waja River Rafting Bali   
Telaga Waja White Water Rafting


We organize some facilities for the payment methode from conventional to most secure online system. The following choices are suggested>

When you book from hotel where you stay in Bali, suggest to book through our representative, some hotels have been representing us on reservation and payment. Special for US Dollars the series are normally refused : CA, CB, CF, DB 400...., DB 061....., DH 143....and bank notes issued earlier then 1996 are refused by the banks, and are rated 10% lower from the current rate of exchange by all money sellers ( money exchange ). Bank note with scratches, strokes, dot, and any trace of ink will also undervalued like this. Other currencies acceptable are American Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Australian Dollars, Ringgit Malaysia and Japanese Yen.

Online payment through Paypal is the most secure online payment. When you replay our message confirming the booking then we send you the bill through Paypal to your email address. Please do not send payment if you do not receive our paypal bill. To be able to pay through Paypal normally one has to make an account at, but some countries are automatically available for immediate peyment. Normally after opening an account at Paypal, then the applicant will be given 4 security codes. With this code then one can receive or send money to more then 100 countries in the world. Payment through Paypal is only good for less then US$ 200.00, as applicant will be charged 4% fee by Paypal. All currencies in the world must be converted first to US Dollar to be able to pay online.

Payment can also be handed at the start point of Bukit Cilli Rafting Telaga Waja. This booking will be applied publish rates at 1.150k per person net or special agreement has been done before. This is applicable for those who come directly to start point without pre-booking from all our sales office or representatives.

Booking guarantee in the form of Voucher will only be given to those booking and pay prior to the date of rafting which will enjoy 100% that the rafting will go except natural conditions that beyond human control where full refund can be paid see conditions.

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telaga waja rafting
telaga waja rafting